coGalleries is a creative travel company that offers unique private art tours and cultural trips designed to bring you closer to contemporary art in major cities like London, Paris, Berlin, and Florence. We craft meaningful travel experiences that immerse you in the cultural landscape of your destination and give you the chance to engage with its trailblazers. Whether as a small group or on a private tour, you get to meet rising artists in their studios, make personal connections with gallerists and even meet some of the leading European art collectors in person.

On every front, coGalleries stands for three values: connect, collect, and collaborate.

  • connect with the creative spirits laying out the blueprint of the world of tomorrow
  • collect the words, ideas and works of artists exploring modern creativity
  • collaborate with like-minded individuals and forward-thinking spaces

Our mission

Art has the power to offer people life-changing  perspectives. By unlocking that power, we aim to bring people together and provide them with a deeper understanding of the world that surrounds them. Our goal is to open up the art world by fostering intimate encounters between artists and their audience and empowering both in the process. Discovering a city’s art scene from an insider’s perspective is a wonderful way to expand one’s cultural horizon. In fact, it provides all parties involved with hard-to-come-by insights and ultimately, vision.

A visual artist himself, coGalleries’s co-founder Robin Resch saw in the current art world - dominated by big museums and high-end galleries - the need for an alternative way to showcase and experience contemporary art. Visitors want something more honest and raw, and up-and-coming artists, more accessible channels to interact with their audience.

Under that impulse and thanks to a growing network of cultural partners, coGalleries has been developing since 2016. We bridge the gap between culturally curious travelers and emerging creators with powerful voices. We want you to experience the world by seeing the extraordinary.

A purpose-driven company  

We live in a changing economy, where the collaborative model is slowly picking up steam. At coGalleries, we strongly believe in this model and its ability to promote positive change. In an art world run by big money, it is easy to lose sight of art’s potential for social impact. By collaborating with artists, galleries, curators in a balanced system, we invest in that very potential. We are dedicated to supporting the arts community in a way that goes beyond simply showing or selling art. What we offer is real interaction, which is much more beneficial on the long run.

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