Art Tour: Berlin´s Art Center

Berlin´s Art Center
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Designed for world explorers, we grant access to Berlin’s vibrant art scene, visit unique creative spaces, and meet the creators and personalities behind them. Sip champagne with the city’s most promising emerging artistic talent and get an exclusive presentation of original artworks and special editions behind studio doors.

Our creative guides unlock and unpack the distinct local character, architecture, and histories of Berlin’s most dynamic neighborhoods: Kreuzberg, Mitte, and the New Creative East.

Abstraction is real, probably more real than nature.

Josef Albers

Art Tour Description

In this tour we’ll explore Berlin’s Central Art District, with its stunning classical and modernist architecture and massive labyrinth of galleries and cultural institutions. In Berlin past and present converge profoundly and this fact is perhaps most apparent in its central district. Wandering along the banks of the Spree river and strolling about its grand boulevards and tucked-away alleys, we’ll learn about the city’s cultural past and the ways in which it’s being continually reassessed and reinvigorated by its vibrant contemporary art scene. We’ll discover the area’s hidden courtyards and creative spaces, while exploring the origins and evolution of Europe’s leading creative city.

Why Central Berlin?

Art and culture have long enjoyed pride of place in Berlin—so much so, in fact, that the city has an entire island dedicated to it right in its center. Berlin’s celebrated Museum Island boasts an impressive cluster of significant museums housing some of Europe’s most important cultural artefacts and artworks. With its vast constellation of museums, galleries, and performance spaces—not to mention its numerous arts publishing houses and other cultural institutions—the Central District celebrates Berlin’s rich cultural heritage, while inspiring and nourishing the city’s next generation of creative talent. 

Area we´ll visit

Starting on the city’s iconic Museum Island, we’ll launch our exploration of the Central District and sBerlin’s rich cultural heritage. Then we’ll dive deeper into the heart of the area to find unique creative spaces dispersed among chic boutiques and bookshops, stellar restaurants and cafes, and innovative design shops. Along the way, we’ll meet and chat with leading artists, gallerists, curators, and designers who will give us insight into Berlin’s burgeoning contemporary art scene. We’ll sip champagne while taking in exclusive presentations of stellar works of art behind studio and gallery doors as we listen to captivating anecdotes and pour over archival materials, while getting first-hand access to original artworks and special editions.


When i've booked coGalleries art tour i couldn't imagine how different it will be.
Together we got to know and see very interesting galleries around, and even got to talk with some gallery owners who explained us about the artists they represent. We had a studio visit with an artist called Nina, she is the nicest and most talented in many sorts of media. Our guide was so patience and gave personal attention to everyone. If I was living in Berlin, i would come every week to see the interaction between the group and meet different artists. Highly recommended! Or A. - Tel Aviv, Israel

This coGalleries art tour is a great way to engage with the visual arts in Berlin. Well organized, really friendly and enjoyable. We visited the studio of an impressive painter in an amazing studio complex in the middle of Mitte. The artist was very generous with his time and talking about his studio practice, and was also having a solo exhibition which was great to see. I highly recommend it! Mark. O. - Sydney, Australia

Really innovative approach to art featuring great artists - they make art fun and interactive! Susi K. - Berlin, Germany

We had a fantastic time meeting a couple of artists and visiting their studios.
A great way to explore the art world in Berlin. Lori K. - San Francisco, USA

Absolutely the best way I have ever seen to tour contemporary art while in a foreign city. Wonderful way to meet like-minded souls from all over the world. Leader ties it all together perfectly. Piece-de-resistance is going on studio visit. So worth it - what value! Lisa E. - San Francisco, USA

As an artist, I wanted to meet art expert in berlin who could give me motivation. This experience was really amazing than I expected. It was a pleasure to meet guide Robin. He is a very friendly, considerate person and also very talented artist. I could feel real art world in berlin through him. He shared what he've experienced and also introduced many interesting people working at art field. I could drink and talk with them, watching their works, listening behind story, and even getting good tips working as artist in berlin. If you want to feel real art world closely, I highly recommend this tour. - Siwoo J. Seoul, South Corea

The tour was much better than we expected. Lori K. - David Camp and Gwen Borowsky - Philadelphia, PA USA

Had a really nice day doing the art tour, we had a great guide with many insights into the scene in Berlin :) recommend it. Eugene V. - Berlin, Germany

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