Art Tour: The New Creative East Berlin

The New Creative East Berlin
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Unlock Berlin through the Arts

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Designed for world explorers, we grant access to Berlin’s vibrant art scene, visit unique creative spaces, and meet the creators and personalities behind them. Sip champagne with the city’s most promising emerging artistic talent and get an exclusive presentation of original artworks and special editions behind studio doors.

Our creative guides unlock and unpack the distinct local character, architecture, and histories of Berlin’s most dynamic neighborhoods: Kreuzberg, Mitte, and the New Creative East.

Photography means the art of sketching with light.

Robin Resch

Art Tour Description

This tour delves into the art scene of former East Berlin and its creative evolution since the fall of the Wall. We will visit an cutting-edge artist studio located in the historic former East German Ministry of Transportation, which has since been transformed into one of Berlin’s most exciting spaces of artistic and creative production. 

Area we´ll visit

Starting our journey at one of Germany´s most notorious theatres in the former GDR district of Berlin-Mitte. From there we´ll visit a contemporary art gallery, the artspace of a leading european art magazine and walk over to the Haus der Statistic. A building that tells us about the GDR history but also about Berlin´s newest collective, complex cultural projects. From here we´ll take a tram (a small train) to go further east. Further stations include, the vietnamese markets, the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT that is hosting the HAUBROK art collection and a bunch of artist studios, creative companies and shed light to the future of this up-and-coming district. 


We had a fantastic time meeting a couple of artists and visiting their studios.
A great way to explore the art world in Berlin.

Had a really nice day doing the art tour, we had a great guide with many insights into the scene in Berlin :) recommend it.

Absolutely the best way I have ever seen to tour contemporary art while in a foreign city. Wonderful way to meet like-minded souls from all over the world. Leader ties it all together perfectly. Piece-de-resistance is going on studio visit. So worth it - what value!

Really innovative approach to art featuring great artists - they make art fun and interactive!

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