The coGalleries Artist Residency Berlin program aims to stimulate exchange between international artists and the Berlin art community. The program is aiming at self-driven artists that are familiar and open to work in a unique and collective space. The artist residency ends with a studio presentation.

Our Studio Loft

Residents will have 24/7 access to our 160 sqm artist studio loft. The facilities are filled with natural light and the studio loft is equipped with a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom, large work tables, and a cozy lounge area. The studio is a shared work-space, allowing for peer-to-peer exchange and potential collaborations between artists, researchers and curators.


Residency event with guests from the local art scene

Located in vibrant east Berlin, the studio is part of the art compound FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, a dynamic environment surrounded by the work-spaces of emerging and established artists. The studio neighbours one of Berlin's leading contemporary private art collections, “Haubrok Collection”, a fine art printing studio "Artificial Image" and Berlin's finest art framer "Bilderrahmen Neumann". Furthermore, the compound houses several cultural and creative companies, a cnc wood workshop, a boat builder, carpenters, architects, interior designers, a car repair shop, a professional music studio and a dance company. Our Berlin artist residency studio is just a 20 minute tram ride from the art center of Berlin-Mitte.


Our Studio at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, Haus Riegel - a new building by well-known artist and architect Arno Brandlhuber


We work closely with partnering galleries, public institutions, foundations, curators, art advisors, art organisations and visual artists within the field of contemporary arts throughout Europe, Africa, China, Brazil, USA and the Middle East. Further down the page you can find updated open call postings for our international residency and partnering open calls. Artists participating in our artist residency become part of our network - a strong circle of friends and collaborators. We support and try to find other opportunities after the residency, make introductions and keep them involved in future projects.


Open Studio event during Berlin Art Week

How we support our residents

We do our very best to support the residency artists. Naturally, the quality of collaboration will be strengthened by proactive artists who put effort into interacting with us during their stay and that take their own work seriously.

Residency artists will get tips on where and how to connect to the insiders of the art world by visiting events such as studio visits, gallery tours, panel discussions, portfolio viewings, openings, and other art-related events. Depending on your specific artist residency project, we will try to seek opportunities for any of our selected residents to work with our partners in Berlin and other cities. Each artist in residence is given the opportunity to present their work at an open studio event in our studio loft. The open studio event will be scheduled during the residency.

Besides that, we encourage each resident in finding further opportunities in other group activities during the residency program or afterwards. Activities such as artist-led workshops, studio visits, video screenings, artist talks, and performances can be hosted in either a partnering art space or our studio loft. In this way, we try to push our residents to gain insight and connections into Berlin’s vibrant art scene.

coGalleries Artist Residency Berlin Studio Visit Robin Resch Fine Art Photography Berlin 1200x500<br />

Residency Studio visit with art travellers from Switzerland

We are looking for inspiring and professional artists, researchers, and curators to support the residents’ projects through meaningful discussion, critical feedback, and curatorial suggestions. coGalleries works to broaden its local and international network through these personal interactions. All studios are equipped with high-speed internet, a printer, and all necessary tools for working with wood, clay, paper, etc. (the materials themselves are not included and we expect tools to be treated with care)

Type of artists and media we are scouting for

We would like to emphasise that we are looking for professional international artists to collaborate with. Our team has a long track record in commercial and non-commercial practices. However, with our artist in residency program, we strive to boost artistic careers and provide value and establish new connections. Some of our artists have become thriving part of Berlin’s international arts community and beyond.

artist in residency berlin with coGalleries

Our collective Studio Loft in the Fahrbereitschaft

We encourage conversation, dialogue and exchange across disciplines. Therefore, we do not explicitly focus on one particular media or medium. We accept artists from a range of backgrounds such as painting, sculpture, photography, urban art, installation, performing arts, video, literature, research-based practices, as well as curatorial projects. Artist collectives and groups are also encouraged to apply. We welcome applications at all times, as residents are accepted on a rolling basis. The primary languages during the artist residency are English and German, but we also handle fluently Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Solitudes Art Gallery Berlin

Art Space in Berlin-Mitte - Solitudes by Tahian Bhering, Ingrid Bittar and Gabriel Cinturion

Features, Costs, and Funding

We have 2 types of fee-based Residency opportunities. We like to emphasise that we don’t run the residency program to make a profit as the fee is used to cover part of the costs we have while providing the program (rents, staff, PR costs, opening ceremonies etc.).

1. Artist Residency Berlin (Studio Focus & Open Studio Presentation) includes:

  • 24/7 use of our Studio Loft (160 sqm)
  • Well-equipped studio with high-speed internet, a printer and technical  tools
  • Cleaning of all studio facilities
  • Suggestions to art exhibitions, talks and other cultural events
  • Connections to our networks and studio visitors
  • Promotion through social media channels
  • Residency periods are flexible (minimum of 3 months)

Fee: 600,00 € / per month (including 19% VAT tax)

2. Master Residency Berlin (Studio, Coaching, Social Media & Presentation) includes:

Artist-Residency-Berlin-coGalleries-Artist Interview copyright Berlin China Art

  • 24/7 use of our collective Studio Loft (160 sqm)
  • Well-equipped studio with high-speed internet, a printer and many tools
  • Cleaning of all studio facilities
  • Invitations to previews and based on availability to invite-only networking events in Berlin art spaces and institutions
  • Studio visits with curators, artists and art collectors
  • Final presentation with opening reception
  • PR and Social Media support
  • Bi-weekly and flexible in-depth consultations with an experienced Berlin art consultant (portfolio, gallery presentation, networking)
  • Artist portrait photo shooting (professional photo studio)
  • Regular Art Event Suggestions - What's going on in Berlin? We help you navigate the ocean of events.
  • Residency periods are flexible (minimum of 3 months)

Fee: 1400,00 € / per month (including 19% VAT tax)

Housing Options:

We can arrange housing for you during your residency period based on your budget and depending on availability on the market. The accommodation fee needs to be paid separately and additionally from the residency fee. Please let us know during your application if you wish us to find housing for you.

Option 1
  • Nicely fully furnished private studio flat
  • Accommodations have well-equipped kitchens and include a bike
  • In the vibrant neighbourhood of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg or similar (close to the studio location)

Costs: from. €1000,00 per month

Option 2
  • Furnished room in a shared apartment with other flatmates
  • Rooms are fully-equipped and provide the basic amenities
  • In a nice neighbourhood easy to access from the studio location

Costs: starting from €600,00 per month + 30,00 cleaning fee

Application Process

All residents can apply via the application form. We accept applications on a rolling basis but we also run open calls on specific topics. We are well-planned ahead but also allow a high level of spontaneity. We always try to make it happen.

The attached 3 jpg images in the application form should show your artistic process and exhibition documentation. Granted your selection, these images might be used on our social media channels, e-mail campaigns, print invitations, websites and catalogues. File names should include exactly in this order your first and last name, the title of the work, the year and the photo credits.

For questions and any type of uncertainties, write to us at

Application Form

We suggest residents to seek funding in advance through grants and sponsorships. You can find a list here with funding opportunities for scholarships, stipends, fellowships, and grants that are offered internationally.

Download list of funding possibilities here

Residency Newsletter

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A Selection of former Artists in Residency

Artist-Residency-Berlin-coGalleries-Gallery-Exhibition-Huang-Jia copyright Berlin China Art

Exhibition by Huang Jia | Painting

Artist-Residency-Berlin-coGalleries-Studio-Artwork-Huang-Jia copyright Berlin

Huang Jia, Shenzhen, China | Painting

coGalleries - Artist Residency Berlin - George Hambov

Artist-Residency-Berlin-coGalleries-Studio-Artwork-George-Hambov copyright aucreativenetwork

George Hambov, Australia | Studio Artwork


Exhibition by Andrea Mayers | Sculpture, Textile Painting, Printmaking


Andrea Myers, Ohio, USA | Sculpture, Textile Painting, Printmaking


Diana Zrnic, Croatia | Paintings

Master resident Talitha Maranila, Jakarta, Indonesia | Paintings on acrylic and aluminium

Artist-Residency-Berlin-coGallery-Studio-Artwork-Ella Becker

Ella Becker, Dresden, Germany | Water Colour


artist residency berlin cogalleries juliana cerqueira leite

New York based artist Juliana Cerqueira Leite preparing a major solo show for her gallery in London.


Art Exhibition "Fassaden" by Arthur Laidlaw from London in Berlin-Mitte.