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Creative guide with coGalleries
Languages: Deutsch, English, Português, Español Hi I am Robin, co-founder at coGalleries. I am convinced by the potential of art when dealing with the urgent challenges of our global world - let´s move to where art lives! I know the Contemporary Berlin Art inside out and am happy to open it up to guests from all over the world. I am a trained and practicing artist myself with a master from Berlin´s prestigious art school Weißensee and with my artist studio located at the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. I have lived and worked in USA, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Uruguay China and have travelled many different countries but our planet is huge and there are still quite a lot of blank spots :) The way I run the art tours is based on my multiple interests in the best galleries in berlin, emerging berlin artists and their uniques studio spaces, the personal and inspiring stories behind their artworks, private art collections such as Haubrok collection, Boros collection and others. Moreover, I provide art advisory services to emerging and established art collectors and people that are interested in getting into the arts or just want something meaningful and special.

Photography means the art of sketching with light.

Robin Resch

Art Tours

Berlin´s Art Center

Between hidden courtyards, up-and-coming galleries and an exclusive visit to an emerging artist’s studio. We make sure you see what others miss on this half-day art adventure.

Fri, Jun 01, 2018
15:00 - 19:00