The Berlin art scene has never been livelier. A city populated by 3.7 million people offers enough variety and space for different, new, and innovative ideas to blossom out and to flourish. And as the culture of the city is thriving, taking you through a captivating montage of various imposing museums and art galleries, you will breathe in the unique beat of the city. Stroll the green boulevards of Charlottenburg, the peaceful Prenzlauer Berg, and the art-abundant surroundings of Rosenthaler Platz and Auguststrasse and unlock one experience after the other. And whether you are a regular visitor wishing to pick up on the latest new art styles, a digital nomad passing through, or an art collector, Berlin has everything to offer to your kind. In this article we will show you how art, and contemporary art in particular, will open a door to the history of Germany, Europe, and the world, and reveal its marvellous secrets, buried under the dust of the past decades. With its hundreds of galleries, Berlin is a must visit for any art aficionado, and will keep giving.

Berlin’s Best Galleries and Art Collections

Within the immense variety that is Berlin, it might be overwhelming to try to spot the most stunning galleries out of the sea of possibilities. With our tips you will succeed to pick the latest places of interest, offering an especially charming or thought-provoking experience. 

Boros Collection at the Boros Bunker

A truly unique and an inspiring surprise, this private bunker collection is a must-see for every art lover. The building itself is impressive, and the art displayed inside outstanding. This collection and the setting is different enough to arouse even the most seasoned art expert and will take you on a trip to another world.

Magic Beans Gallery

One of the most interesting new art galleries in Berlin right now is indisputably Magic Beans. The stark, light rooms give space to some colourful, contemporary art, and display perfectly the current painting and drawing scene, and the controversial sculptures of our time. Named after the famous fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk, the gallery underlines the metaphor to connect the most promising artist of our times with their prominent collectors. 

Galerie Eigenart

Galerie Eigen + Art has two locations in Berlin. Contemporary yet highly stylish, this gallery displays interesting, offbeat discoveries. Visiting the Lab location can be combined with checking out the Michelin restaurant Pauly Saal in the Mädchenschule, a former jewish girl’s school.

Galerie Bendadj & Djilali 

Galerie Benhadj + Djilali is a concept gallery, offering a delightfully new kind of art presentation. Instead of one-off shows, isolated from each other, the exhibitions now change subtly from one constellation to another, and offer a gradually rotating show. There will always be new art pieces to see here, and gripping events, introducing the new arrivals. The quality of the art displayed there is outstanding. 

The Olbricht Collection

The Olbricht collection is one of Europe’s biggest private collections, which is open to the public. Thomas Olbricht, a chemist and a doctor, started the astonishing collection, which now capsules some of the most sophisticated contemporary art pieces of many decades. Works from names such as Marlene Dumas, Thomas Schütte, and Gerhard Richter can be seen here, as well as Chinese and South American artists, who are relatively unknown to our Western society. The best thing about this collection is that it is unusual, surprising, and fine, all at the same time.

Berlin’s Best Art Museums

After the imaginative galleries, it is time to check out the fabulous art museums, which will satisfy your soul’s appetite with their grand collections. Pick up the following tips to experience something truly captivating.

The KW Institute of Contemporary Art

The KW Institute of Contemporary art, founded by Klaus Biesenbach, and a group of other art enthusiasts, approaches “the central questions of our times through the production, display, and dissemination of contemporary art.” Definitely worth visiting, the museum offers several exhibitions throughout the year, from young and promising, as well as established international and German artists. 

The Hamburger Bahnhhof 

This massive and inspiring art museum is a must-see on any Berlin trip. Built in one of the oldest terminal railway stations of Germany, it used to be the starting point of a Berliner’s trip to Hamburg. The original building suffered quite extensively in the Second World War but has since been restored and expanded. Today it serves as one of the most significant contemporary art museums in Europe, and offers the visitor a massive deep-dive into art movements of the world, from 1960’s onwards.  

Museum Island Berlin

One island, five museums. Beautiful and enthralling, the Museum Island will without question be one of the highlights of your trip. Pick your favourites, or visit all five: The Pergamonmuseum, Bode-Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, and Altes Museum. The Pergamonmuseum, with its extensive ancient Eastern treasures, is a little wonder in itself. If this will not impress you – What will? 

C/O Berlin 

Yet another interesting contemporary art museum to check out is C/O Berlin with its wonderful photography exhibitions. What is so delightful about this museum is the diversity of the exhibitions, and the playful curations. C/O Berlin also serves as a mediathek, offering documentaries and panel discussions, as well as interviews. Check out the program here to get the most out of your visit.


One of Berlin’s most living and comprehensive scenes is of course its music scene. For a fine, classic taste, check out the fabulous Berlin Philharmonie and Konzerthaus, which both will enthral you with their high-quality programmes. And the opera lover will enjoy the Berliner Oper, where both the operas and the chamber music events are of excellent quality.

How We Make Everything Possible for You

Berlin offers endless possibilities for both the seasoned and the newly initiated art enthusiast. With our expertise and genuine passion towards Berlin’s art scene, we take you through the city in an enjoyable and an efficient way, enabling you to see everything that you want.

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Our art adventures and custom-made tours will ensure that your trip to Berlin will be a pleasant one. coGalleries will take you beyond the surface and direct your attention to what you otherwise might miss. Find out more about our tours and art adventures here.